British Army Document Sets
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RWP210 - British Broadsides

large product photo   British Broadsides - $5.00

Contains 4 broadsides that would have been found in places held by British forces.


  • 1775 King's Proclamation - This poster went up after the action between New England militia and British forces at Breed's Hill.
  • 1777-78 Philadelphia Regulations - A poster seen in Philadelphia during the British takeover of the Continental capital. It details instructions about certain commodities, including rum and molasses.
  • British Loyalist Recruiting Poster - Another poster seen in Philadelphia during the British takeover. It marks one of many British attempts to get citizens remaining loyal to the crown to take up arms against their "deluded" countrymen.
  • British Regulars Recruiting Poster - This poster was used in England to enlist men into the 22nd Regiment of Foot. It is blank in all of the necessary places, and appears to be a generic British Army recruiting poster.