Civil War Era Items
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DCW401 - 19th Century Labels


Our Product for Sale   $7.00
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Our labels are faithful copies of researched and documented originals. We include a sheet of documentation with every set. Remember, we don't reproduce what we can't document.

Set of 10 labels includes:

  • Stuart & Sullivan Tomatoes (can)
  • McQuades Mountain Dew Whiskey (bottle)
  • Fine Old Bourbon Whiskey (bottle)
  • Lemon Syrup (bottle)
  • Condensed Milk (can)
  • Essence of Coffee (can)
  • E. Lazenby & Son Mushroom Ketchup (bottle)
  • E. Lazenby & Son Mixed Pickles (bottle)
  • Mason's Challenge Blacking, Original & Genuine (shoe polish tin)
  • Dr. Strong's Vegetable Stomach Pills (can be used on matchbox)