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Confederate Cartridge Labels

       We've read where cartridge labels were virtually non-existent after the early part of the war. And if in fact they did exist, they were stamped on the wrapping paper and not a separate label. We present here some pictures from a reprint edition of The Confederate Field Manual published in 1984 by Thomas Publications. The field manual was originally published in 1862 by the Confederate Ordnance Bureau.  In the back of this reprint editions are several photographs of Confederate weapons and ordnance. While these pictures were obviously not in the original manual, they are placed in the book to illustrate various pieces of Confederate ordnance. Included are two pages of pictures of cartridge packs. There are various dates and styles of wrappers, including labels. See for yourself, and you be the judge if cartridge labels existed during the war or not.

Plate a - Label glued to wrapped package. Augusta Arsenal, dated 1864.
Plate b - Label printed on wrapper. Selma Arsenal, 1865.
Plate c - Label stamped on wrapped cartridges by machine. Macon Arsenal, date indecipherable.
Plate d - Label glued to wrapped package. Macon Arsenal, 1862.
Place e - Label stamped on wrapper. Richmond Arsenal, no date.

Plate a - .54 caliber Merrill Carbine, Richmond Arsenal. Stamped label glued to box. No date.
Plate b - .44 caliber, Colt Army, Richmond Arsenal. Printed on the wrapper "186_" with a "2" hand written in the blank.
Plate c - .36 caliber, Colt Navy, Richmond Arsenal. Printed on the wrapper. No date.
Plate d - .52 Sharps rifle, Richmond Arsenal. label glued on box. No date.
Plate e - Musket caps, Richmond Arsenal. Appears to be stamped.