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CWP205 - Adjutant's Kit

Our Product for Sale   $8.00
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We believe the kit below contains many of the forms necessary to run your unit at a weekend event. Compare the lists, we think you'll like what you see. Morning Reports for attendance, a Field Return for compiling all the attendance, Guard reports for assigning camp guards, Passes for leaving camp, Loyalty oaths for suspicious civilians to sign, and descriptive lists for individuals, in all, 18 pieces of paper for this low kit price.


  • 3 Morning Reports
  • 2 Guard forms 9 (Note: these are the same as the Union forms, but the plate in the Confederate Regulations that shows what the guard form looked like is identical to the US Regulations)
  • 5 Camp Passes
  • 3 Loyalty Oaths
  • 1 Field Return
  • 1 Descriptive List
  • 1 Medical Discharge