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CWP107 - Quartermaster Kit

This kit allows you to be that quartermaster you always wanted to be. Seriously, the forms are a good insight into the workings of the United States army, and are again excellent for garrison impressions and scenarios.


  • 1 Form 6 Monthly Report of Forage
  • 1 Form 27 List of Quartermaster Stores
  • 1 Form 38 Requisition for Stationery
  • 1 Form 39 Abstract of Articles Issued on Special Requisition
  • 1 Form 40 Special Requisition
  • 1 Form 42 List of Stores Expended
  • 1 Form 43 List of Articles Lost or Destroyed
  • 1 Form 51 Monthly Return of Clothing, Camp, and Garrison Equipage
  • 1 Form 55 Special Estimate and Requisition for Clothing and Camp Equipage
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