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CWP102 - Ordnance Forms

This kit contains many of the red tape forms that were used in garrisons all across the country during the Civil War. There were literally dozens of forms, and we have reproduced just some of them for this kit. You can use these forms to record what you have received, what you've lost (and who lost it), what you've used, how much it cost, how much you have left, and a transmittal letter to put it all together.


  • 1 Form 2 Invoice of Stores Turned Over
  • 1 Form 3 Receipt for Issues
  • 1 Form 9 Abstract of Expenditures
  • 1 Form 12 - Statement of Charges on Muster and Pay rolls
  • 1 Form 30 Company History
  • 1 Transmittal Letter
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