Colonial Document Sets
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CD0601 -Non-Military Documents and Broadsides

Now you can have all of our civilian government documents and forms at the click of a mouse. This CD contains over 40 PDF files of forms and broadsides. Also included with each form is a companion PDF file the explains the use of the file and contains instructions for filling out the form. A great idea for historic sites, reenactment groups, and anyone who needs to obtain multiple copies of forms at the click of a mouse.
large product photo   Colonial Documents and Forms (Non-military) - $40.00


Continental Broadsides
Declaration of Independence
Response to Kings Proclamation
Loyalty Oath Resolution
Embargo Notice                               
The Tory Act
Pardon To Tories Notice
Notice of Exemption for Postal Riders
American Recruiting Poster
Instructions for Privateers

Continental Oaths
American Loyalty Oath
Pennsylvania Loyalty Oath
North Carolina Loyalty Oath

British Broadsides and Documents
King’s Proclamation                        
Philadelphia Proclamation
Loyalist Recruiting Poster
British Loyalty Oath 
British Pass

Pre-War Militia Commissions
New York, 1772                                 Virginia, 1759
North Carolina,1770                      North Carolina, 1774

General Civilian Items
Advertisement for Mrs. Phillips Warehouse
Auction Notice                                   Robbery Notice
Short Warning to Swearers
Slave Auction Notice                      
Ink Powder Wrapper
Wagon Contract                                General Receipt

Legal Documents
Bench Warrant                                  Business Bond
Privateer’s Bond                               Deed
Distress Warrant                             Indenture Agreement
Innkeepers Bond                               Letter of Marque
Liquor License                                   Manumission Certificate    Marriage License
Power of Attorney                             Sheriff’s Appointment