British Army Document Sets
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CD0401 - Documents of the British Army

Now you can have all of our British Army forms and posters at the click of a mouse. This CD contains over 25 PDF files of forms and broadsides. Also included with each form is a companion PDF file the explains the use of the file and contains instructions for filling out the form. A great idea for historic sites, reenactment groups, and anyone who needs to obtain multiple copies of forms at the click of a mouse.
large product photo   Documents of the British Army - $30.00

Broadsides                                    Officer’s Documents
1775 King’s Proclamation              Officer’s Commission
Loyalist Recruiting Poster            Half Pay Oath
Regulars Recruiting Poster
Philadelphia Proclamation           Medical
                                                          Company Sick Return
Interaction Documents             Regimental Sick Return
Loyalty Oath
Pass                                                  Adjutant
Parole                                               Morning Report
Prisoner Exchange                         Regimental Morning Report
Safeguard                                        Discharge

Quartermaster                             Pay
Forage Return                                 Order to Pay
Provision Receipt                           Pay Receipt
Fuel Receipt                                    Directions to Pay
General Receipt                              Weekly Pay Note