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CD0401 - Documents of the Continental Army

This CD contains 60 PDF images of our Continental documents, forms and posters. Each CD contains the images of the forms, and a page of explanatory notes detailing how to fill out each form. Now you can make as many copies of some, or all of our forms anytime you need them.

All the forms at the click of a mouse for $40!

large product photo   Documents of the Continental Army - $40.00

CD Contents

Officer commissions
Continental Army                  Continental Navy
New Hampshire                    Massachusetts
Connecticut                           Rhode Island
New York                              New Jersey
Pennsylvania                         Maryland (2)
Virginia (2)                            North Carolina

1776 (2)                                 1777
1778                                      1776 Pennsylvania
1781 Pennsylvania

Washington                           War Office
Knox                                     Pennsylvania
Discharge pay Order             Medical

Army Organization
1776 Regimental Return        1779 Muster Roll
Parole                                   Receipt
Safe Guard                            Recruiting Poster
1778 Army Organization Chart
Request for Blankets             Light Dragoon Return
Clothing Return                    Forage Return
Guard Report Form              Loyalty Oath
Loyalty Oath Resolution        Morning Report
Quartermaster Inventory
QM Loyalty Oath                   Wagon Contract
Recruiting Authorization

Medical                               Privateering
Monthly Return                     Letter of Marque
Weekly Return                      Privateer’s Bond
Privateer’s Instructions