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CD0303 - Household Products and Patent Medicine Labels

61 products for household products and patent medicines. Labels for Peaches, Tomatoes, Oysters, Yeast Powder, sauces, beauty aids, even Morning Sickness Elixir. Also labels for Unicorn Drops, Vegetable Pain Killer, Iodine Water, and more! This CD also includes civilian passes, tax forms, and telegraph forms to complete your civilian impression.

There is a master page with links to all the labels. All you have to do is put the CD in the drive, and you're ready to go. You're a print command away from your own labels. All labels are in reproducible PDF document format. Instruction booklet included.

We are happy that you will be able to create all the labels you want to. But please respect our license agreement, and don't sell the labels, and don't make the PDFs available for anyone else.

For historic sites, please don't sell the labels, but use them for as many programs and displays as you like.

For production companies, the license to use this CD exists for a single finished production only.


large product photo   $40.00

CD Contents
Ashburton Sauce                          Azor’s hair Balm (2)
Bristols Sarsaparilla                    Condensed Milk
Curtis Ink                                      Essence of Coffee
Friction Matches                           Essence of Ginger
Richard’s Hooks and Eyes           Arnold’s Ink
Walter’s Ink Powder                    Numsen & Carroll Jelly (4)
Ladies’ Friend                               Lemonade
Lemon Syrup                                 Star Lobster
Barber’s Matches                          Parlor Matches
McFarland Yard Goods                Lazenby’s Mixed Pickles
Lazenby’s Mushroom Ketchup    Toombey’s Mustard
Thomas’s Needles                         Townsend’s Oysters
Choice Peaches                             B. Ball Pencils
Mason’s Blacking (2)                    Silver’s Wash Powder
Dupuy’s Soap (4)                           Yankee Soap
Sterling’s Ambrosia                      Tomatoes
Uncle Sam’s Coffee                      US Coffee
Yeast Powder                                Ander’s Iodine Water
Arnica Liniment                           Cherokee Liniment
Oseola Liniment                           Christie’s Ague Balm
Fahnstock’s Vermifuge                Isham’s Stomach Bitters
Kerr’s Asiatic Balm                      Morning Sickness Elixir
Davis’s Pain Killer                       Robert’s Horse Powders
Crap’s Frost Extractor                  Holloway’s Soldier’s Ointment
South American Ague Remedy   Southern Cholera Remedy
Strong’s Stomach Pills                 Wieland’s Worm Lozenges
Thayer’s Unicorn Drops