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CD0302 - Liquor and Tobacco Labels

33 liquor, wine, drink, and tobacco labels now on one CD.

This CD includes labels from various collections, including the Library of Congress. Perfect for that tobacco pouch, cigar box or bottle sitting around in camp. Or, you can create your own saloon in minutes!

All items are in easily reproducible PDF document format, so you can start right away. An instruction booklet with information in it is also included.

We are happy that you will be able to create all the forms you want to. But please respect our license agreement, and don't sell the forms you make, and don't make the PDFs available for anyone else. For historic sites, please don't sell the forms, but use them for as many programs and displays as you like.

For production companies, the license to use the Forms CD exists for a single finished production only.

large product photo   $40.00

Liquor Labels                    
Old Time’s Family Rye               
Bininger’s Pioneer Bourbon      
Travelers Guide Bourbon           
Bininger’s Wheat Whiskey        
Bininger’s Wine Bitters              
Bristol’s Sarsaparilla                  
Congress Bourbon                       
Kentucky Tonic Bitters              
Red Jacket Bitters                      
Robertson’s Bourbon                   
XX Brand of Petersburg              
Austrian Wine Labels (2)           
German Wine Labels (2)            
Italian Wine Labels (2)               
Spanish Wine Label                    
Portuguese Wine Label

Tobacco Labels
Brick Pomeroy’s Campaign
C H Lilienthal Tobacco
Clippers Tobacco
Conscript Cigars
Does Your Mother Know You’re Out?
Fenians Comfort Tobacco
Green Page Twist Tobacco
Major Anderson Cigars
McClellan Tobacco
Ole Virginny Tobacco
Paul Morphy Cigars
Rough and Ready Tobacco
Spanish Mixed Tobacco
Pearl and Obriecht
Union Tobacco