Confederate Army Document Sets
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CD0201 - Documents of the Confederate Army

Now, all the documents on all of our Confederate kits, plus others, on one CD. Also included on the CD is an instructional file that contains the size of the original document, how to fill it out, suggested paper types (samples of which are included in the CD), and other notes. Everything you need to start printing multiple copies of your own forms.

Over 35 documents, including every Confederate document we reproduce with some extras not seen anywhere else.. Also includes cartridge labels and medical labels. All items are in easily reproducible PDF document format, so you can start right away. An instruction booklet with information in it is also included.

We are happy that you will be able to create all the forms you want to. But please respect our license agreement, and don't sell the forms you make, and don't make the PDFs available for anyone else. For historic sites, please don't sell the forms, but use them for as many programs and displays as you like.

For production companies, the license to use the Forms CD exists for a single finished production only.

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Contents of the Confederate Army CD

Military Pass from 1864           
Civilian Pass
Military Pass from 1862
Labels for Colt Pistol   
Labels for Enfield Rifle
Descriptive List           
Loyalty Oath
Soldier’s Discharge
Appomattox Parole     
Greensboro Parole
Form for Guard Mount
Surgeon’s Certificate
Hospital Care Card     
Medical Discharge
Morning Report           
Field Return
Notification of Commission
Hospital Railroad Pass
Railroad Tickets
Southern Telegraph sheet
1862 Recruiting Poster Cavalry Recruiting Poster
Morgan’s Kentucky Proclamation

Ordnance Requisition Type 1
Ordnance Requisition Type 2

Pay Receipt
Pay Form 4 – Officer’s Pay

Form 32 – Requisition for Forage for Public Horses
Form 33 – Requisition for Forage for Private Horses
Form 38 – Requisition for Stationery
Form 40 – Special Requisition
Quartermaster Receipt