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Bob Sullivan as a Speaker

Bob Sullivan is a professional educator with over 20 years experience speaking in front of large groups and small. He is a former Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide. He can speak to your group as well.

The owner of Sullivan Press, Bob is available for talks about books and documents. He is very happy to bring the appropriate part of the "Sullivan Collection" of documents with him so that you and your group can learn about the history of forms and their use in logistics.

Bob has lectured on a variety of topics, from Computer Training to the Battle of Gettysburg. He has been speaking in public for years, and has prepared several presentations about the forms and documents that he researches and collects. Far from being dry, Bob manages to inject life into paper, and has a vast repertoire of stories and anecdotes about the forms that he displays.

All topics can be expanded or collapsed to fit a time frame from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Presentations are done with overhead transparencies and appropriate original items from his collection supplemented with photocopies.

Previous Speaking Engagements
Right Angle Club, Philadelphia
Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table
Brandywine Battlefield State Park
War of 1812 Society, Princeton, NJ
Uwchlan Historical Society
Valley Forge Historical Society (Friends of Valley Forge)
Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area
Upcoming Speaking Engagements
We are available for a speaking engagement at this time. Please email or contact Bob Sullivan.
Topic Synopsis

Red Tape and the Revolution

We hear many quotes and so-called truisms about the American Revolution. Things like "There were six men in one tent." Well, where do these truisms and expressions come from? Listen to a talk about Continental Army paperwork, and see if these "facts " are true or not.

What the British Surrendered at Yorktown

Based on a copy of the original Continental Army Quartermaster log book for October, 1781, this presentation follows the Yorktown campaign through the issuance and receipt of arms and equipment. Finally, there is an entry that debits, to the Continental Army, every piece of equipment captured by the Continental Army at Yorktown. A unique perspective on the campaign, and a definitive record of exactly what the British army carried with them on their final campaign.

Red Tape and the Rebellion

We hear many so-called facts about the Civil War. Eighty percent of the men were literate. The average age of a soldier was 23. It took a man's weight in bullets to kill him. Where do these "facts" come from? Contrast the grand spectacle with the mundane: When the Union Army was getting ready to assault the Petersburg trenches in a deadly attack in 1865, a lieutenant in the 7th Massachusetts was ordering stationery. Explore the world of army paperwork, and find out if these "facts" are indeed true.

The Publishing House of
Beadle and Adams

Said a soldier in a Massachusetts artillery battery, "There was no novel so dull, trashy, or sensational as not to find someone so bored...that he would wade through it." The rise of the dime novel and the inexpensive "how to" book coincided with the Civil War. See a slice of 1860 material culture through books on sports, etiquette, public speaking, songs, and of course novels. Take a fascinating tour through the publishing house of Irwin and Erastus Beadle, creators of the "Dime Novel",  and some of their principal rivals during the Civil War years.