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Reproductions of Books, Documents and Stationery Since 1989.


     Welcome to Sullivan Press, the largest collection of reproduction books, documents, and stationery. Browse our products or tour our museum. Check out our blog for some articles about my interests including non-historical areas.

     if you are wondering about our reproductions and their authenticity, check for yourself. When you click on an item, if we have an original, the original will be displayed side by side with our reproduction. Not many other vendors dare to do this (for obvious reasons, we think).

     Our items have been featured in historic sites, movies and television productions, and in the personal collections of thousands of reenactors.

     Please browse and see for yourself why you can't visit a reenactment without seeing something from Sullivan Press.

We will be attending the Civilian Symposium in Harrisburg, PA, March 5-8.

A new book! We now offer a Soldier's Pocket Hymn Book!


To place an order, click here or call us at 610-286-7905.

Civil War Items

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American Revolution Items

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